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Below are some links to legal websites that may be of interest. I have tried to include a brief description of each site for informational purposes. To access any of the sites, simply click on its name or the green dot () before its title.

The inclusion of any particular site is not intended and should not necessarily be construed as an endorsement of the person, product or service advertised.

If you know of a law-related website that is not included here, please feel free to e-mail me with the site URL and a brief description of the site. I will review the site and include it if appropriate.

The State Bar of Texas (

Contains information of interest to both attorneys and non-attorneys, including consumer information, a directory to locate a particular attorney, additional links to other law-related sites, and information regarding filing a complaint against an attorney.

Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism (

Contains information regarding the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, to which all attorneys practicing in Texas are required to adhere. Also contains further important information with regard to the complaint and discipline process.

Texas Board of Legal Specialization (

Contains information regarding the Board Certification process and qualifications, as well as a comprehensive list of fields in which Board Certification may be obtained.

Martindale-Hubbell (

An attorney locator service -- search for an attorney by name, city, area of practice, and other parameters. You can also retrieve details of a particular attorney or firm if such attorney or firm is registered with Martindale-Hubbell.

The Internal Revenue Service (

A convenient starting place for all things tax-related. You can learn about the latest changes in tax laws, and download tax forms and booklets.

Harris County Clerk (

The home page of the Harris County Clerk; contains information, fee schedules, and valuable Harris County probate and real property databases.

Texas Secretary of State (

U. S. Savings Bonds Online (

Information on the various classes of savings bonds, current interest rates, and information on the transfer of bonds by gift or at death. Also contains a savings bond calculator to calculate the present or historical value of any number of bonds based on issue date.

Social Security Death Index (

This site will enable you to search for and confirm the date and place of death for nearly every American citizen who has died in the last half-century. An invaluable site for probate practitioners trying to track down lost heirs.


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