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Please feel free to e-mail me with your probate questions, if you do not find them on the page of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. I will provide general answers to your questions if I am able. By submitting your question, you affirmatively represent that you have read, understood, and agree to each of the following terms and conditions:

1. There is no substitute for proper representation by qualified counsel. Like much in the law, the answers to your probate questions may depend heavily on the particular facts of your case. Every case is different, and a crucial fact that you forget to include may lead to an entirely different result. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your case in person with an attorney of your choice.

2. The responses to your questions are for general educational purposes only, and should not be solely relied upon by you in arranging any of your legal affairs. The responses are intended only to give you a starting point to discuss the matter in greater depth with an attorney, and to raise any issues you may have overlooked. Any other reliance by you is strictly at your own risk; if you have any doubts, consult qualified counsel in person.

3. Your questions and my responses do not, by themselves, form an attorney-client relationship between us, and you agree that I do not represent you until such time as a proper attorney-client relationship is formed.

4. Questions must be brief. Please keep in mind that providing legal services to clients is how I make my living, and I can not spend more than a few minutes on each question. I will not hold your hand and walk you through your entire case. This is also not the place for you to vent your frustrations at your family, the courts, or your past or present attorney. For this reason, questions that are too long will receive only a reply to make the question shorter. A good strategy is to see if a similar question is posted on the Frequently Asked Probate Questions page, then phrase your question to build on my general response.

5. If I find your question to be particularly interesting, I may post both the question and my response on the page of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. Questions will be edited for content and to make them more general if necessary. Questions will also be attributed to you by first name, city and state.

If you agree to all of these terms and conditions, please proceed. Otherwise, click here to return to the home page.








*The information provided here is required, but is for our internal records alone. No one will contact you by mail or e-mail after your question is answered, and this information will not be given to third parties without your express authorization.

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Are you currently represented by an attorney?

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Yes, I have an attorney. (Please note that, if you are represented by an attorney, only the most basic questions will be answered, so as not to interfere with your present attorney-client relationship.)


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